Don’t Get Snowballed!

Don’t Get Snowballed!

October/2022 Chicago Service Source Inc.

Now is the time to prepare for winter safety of your commercial property sidewalks and parking lots. Is it in your best interest to hire a commercial snow removal company? Your business can suffer during the snowing months unless you address the snow and ice removal issue. Being the business owner or the property manager is a huge responsibility. Most of your days are preoccupied with multiple activities, and shoveling snow and dangerous ice shouldn’t be your task.

If a storm hits unexpectedly your priorities will need to be redirected. Because of this it is in your best interest to have a professional and reliable company to provide a safe and secure environment. This allows you to stay focused on your business. There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional company.

Save you from fines

City of Chicago has certain rules and regulations for snow management of your residential and commercial properties City of Chicago :: Sidewalk Snow Removal. Some people decide to remove the snow by themselves, but they will find it hard to balance this task and their daily work routines. As a result, they may be ticketed and fined. However, when you find a professional snow removal company, these experts are ready to offer fast and reliable services, keeping your business clear.

Improved Safety

Snow removal contractors ensure improved safety. When there is excess snow on your business property, you, your employees, and your clients will be exposed to potential hazards. Someone can slip and fall. Hiring a commercial snow removal contractor is a great option to ensure that your business property is well salted and plowed for everyone’s safety.

Specialized Tools and Equipment

Having access to specialized work equipment is another reason for hiring snow removal experts.

You won’t be forced to buy snow removal equipment which can the relatively expensive. These experts have access to the best snow removal tools to ensure that the task is well done.

Using the best equipment is a significant part of effective snow removal. It ensures that the task is completed safely and efficiently on time.

Fewer business interruptions 

Keeping your business open can sometimes be a severe challenge when snowing. You have to ensure that your parking lots and sidewalks are safe for proper navigation. Professional snow removal experts ensure that these areas are cleared of snow earliest time possible, lessening the risk of lost business hours.

Protects damaging the underlying surfaces

When you don’t have the right tools to do this kind of project, you can cause damage to the surfaces covered by the snow. Whether asphalt or concrete surface, you must ensure that these areas are protected and keep off the costly repair expenses during springtime. Finding the right company confirms that the snow is removed professionally, alleviating the chances of surface damage.

What Qualifies as a Professional Snow Removal Company?

When choosing your snow removal services, do a proper search. There are different commercial snow removal companies. However, you have to find a contractor who is well versed with the snow removal rules in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. It is essential to find a contractor who understands the guidelines appropriately depending on your commercial business location.

Evaluate the service provider and make sure that they are licensed and certified to work as snow removal contractors. Licensing is a state requirement, an essential document that protects the consumers from fraudulent service providers who want to take their hard-earned money yet provide mediocre services.

In most states, the local authority demands that contractors are licensed as a standard measure to show that they are trained and qualified to provide a particular service. Ensure that your snow removal contractor is insured. Don’t get snowballed , here is how!

  1. Ensure they are licensed to preform snow removal services.
  2. Properly insured for snow removal. They may provide you with General Liability and Workmen’s Compensation and Auto, however if it does not include snow removal it is INVALID!
  3. How much equipment do they have? Are they efficiently equipped to handle your property especially during a major storm when it requires additional equipment and more manpower.
  4. De-icer, don’t assume they will have it when it is needed. Make sure they have their own salt barge/salt supplies in stock. There is always a shortage mid winter and you do not have your property to lack in protection.
  5. 24/7 Operations Center. When the storm hits during the evening and you want reassurance your property will be taken care of , you want your representative to answer your call at ANYTIME!

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