Snow Removal FAQ

Why choose Chicago Service Source Inc?

Our company has over 33 years’ experience in snow management. From your first phone call to the day of the storm our staff is hands on with each customer. We have operation sites, over 250 pieces of equipment, partner with paid weather services. Our trained staff has service accountability measures as well as vehicles with GPS trackers for more accurate customer communication.

Always use a professional! A business may not be properly insured and if they are underbidding the market, they probably won’t be around for a long as they won’t have the cash flow necessary to survive.

How do we determine our snow removal management fees?

Snow Management is a risky business. The costs involved in snow removal options involve many factors. We have labor, equipment, gas and de-icing products.  In addition there are hefty insurance requirements that are costly to be able to provide the assurance to our customers.

What is best trigger rate for your property?

Most clients will ask us what trigger rate is best for their property. Most commercial businesses that have continuous customers and employees along with hospitals and nursing homes require a zero tolerance service. We often try to explain to our customers that 2 inches of snow can bring many additional variables including a layer of ice underneath that can take a longer time for removal. 1 inch accumulation and zero tolerance are most requested and most advised for industry standards.

What is the best de-icer for your property?

In todays “earth friendly” environment we have been receiving more requests for a non-corrosive, pet friendly type de-icer. We offer all options available from rock salt to Euria. Rock salt is what you will typically see in your shopping mall center. Calcium Chloride salt works down to extremely low temperatures with a melting agent. A big threat to a pet is ingesting salt product from Rock Salt. Because of this with the help of Veterinarians is a Pet Friendly Salt agent we offer that is effective at temperatures as low -15°F

Do you have to call us for service?

All of our customers know they can count on us to keep their property safe. You do not need to call us for service. Once the trigger rate is certified we dispatch our crews out. If there are hazardous conditions that require de-icing we monitor weather and we de-ice as required.

Who is “Our Team”?

Our team will always clarify a complete understanding of your concerns. We will present resolution and take the proper steps to getting a situation resolved. Our customers know us and count us to keep them safe and worry free. You will get to know us as well. We promise you, you will not be disappointed in our service.

What is considered a blizzard?

Severe weather and blizzard like conditions can be identified 6″ or more accumulation, and/or blowing or drifting, on and off occurrences throughout 24 our period, consecutive days, temperatures lower than -10 degrees or ice storms. Chicago Service Source Inc has training in experience on how to handle a blizzard. Preparation, pre salting, continuous operation is key to success.

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